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Why MPs just need to share the load

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The blame for MPs’ excessive workload (‘We’re all absolutely knackered’ says MP’s office manager, 5 September) lies with them. For a century and more, MPs have supported governments that have systematically reduced the functions and funding of local government. MPs, instead of concentrating on the great international issues of the day, have allowed themselves to become welfare officers for their constituents. With properly devolved powers to local government, most of these issues would more effectively be dealt with by local councillors.
Peter Wrigley
Birstall, West Yorkshire

National insurance is obviously a tax, not an insurance scheme (Report, 7 September). Every time the basic rate of income tax has fallen, it has been matched by an increase in NI, replacing a progressive tax with a regressive tax. The pretence has been oddly successful in deceiving people.
Karen Fletcher

Re your headline “PM stakes reputation on £12bn health plan”, what reputation?
Tony Green
Ipswich, Suffolk

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Late summer heatwave, eh (Report, 7 September)? In my local Asda they’ve started flogging Christmas chocolates.
Martyn Taylor
Newark, Nottinghamshire

At times, I gasp at the sheer brilliance of your crossword setters. As I did when struggling with Quick Crossword 16017. The winter hanger-on defeated me. A clue of creative brilliance.
Tudor Rickards
Woodford, London

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