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Shorts that are anything but short-lived

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As we are being competitive about getting good value from our clothes (Letters, 7 October), here is my attempt to join the contenders. I am almost 83, and am still using corduroy shorts that I had at the age of nine. My parents believed in buying clothes with enough room for me to grow into them. They were a bit baggy then, and are a bit tight now. But in adult life, I’ve cycled thousands of miles in them.
Martin Chinn
Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

Boris Johnson’s promises of high wages for British workers are a welcome conference announcement (Boris Johnson’s ‘high wage’ agenda is taking the wind out of Labour’s sails, 7 October). However, given that the prime minister reneged on a promise to raise teachers’ starting salaries to £30,000, I, like much of the British public, will believe it when I see it.
Timothy Sykes

Discussing the Tory conference, my hairdresser said: “You can understand where Guy Fawkes was coming from, can’t you?”
Sally Lynes

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How can a ranking of cinema’s greatest duels (7 October) omit the final duel between Stewart Granger and Mel Ferrer under Janet Leigh’s fluttering eyes in George Sidney’s Scaramouche (1952)?
Alec Nacamuli

The Saudi-backed purchase of my team (‘English football will sell itself to anyone’: human rights groups condemn Saudi-Newcastle deal, 7 October) reminds me of Goldfinger’s aphorism from Ian Fleming’s novel: money is an effective winding sheet.
James Taylor
Galashiels, Scottish Borders

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