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Is the contact lens solution shortage a Brexit issue? I can’t see it anywhere

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Contact lens solutions for gas permeable lenses are – it seems – only made by Bausch & Lomb in a factory in Milan. Since May, there have been no solutions in any pharmacy or optician, and no information on their return. Is this a Brexit issue?
JS, London

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This particular supply shortage has nothing to do with Brexit. In late May, Bausch & Lomb issued a voluntary recall of eye products under seven brand names, after concerns bottles may not have been sterilised properly by a third party. The action has cleared shelves worldwide. The good news is, there are no reports of serious infections – the bad, that availability is expected to be intermittent until next month. The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) says some practices offer replacement solutions, but wearers should consult their optician before changing.

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