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I switched from Sky to Plusnet, but now I have no broadband

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I asked to switch broadband/phone provider from Sky to Plusnet with the changeover due at the end of September.

More than six weeks on, not only has this not happened, but I have lost my broadband connection. At the start, Plusnet did not send the router before the switch.

Sky had advised me that if there were any problems, it would continue to provide my broadband until they were sorted out. But Plusnet told Sky that the broadband was up and running, when it obviously wasn’t.

I have spent hours either on the phone or messaging Plusnet but am no further forward.

Each update seems to take four working days, which is very slow. Being without the internet is very frustrating.

I have switched providers before without any problem at all, but I am now wondering if it is quicker to cancel and revert to Sky.

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SK, Dorchester

Your case isn’t a great advert for switching supplier, but after a bit of a wait, we have got you reconnected – eight weeks after it was supposed to happen.

Plusnet told you the delays were due to Openreach. A call to the BT press office – BT owns Plusnet – got things moving. The company has apologised for the delay.

For some unknown reason Plusnet is not part of Ofcom’s automatic compensation scheme that offers customers £5-£8 for every day they are without service, depending on the cause.

The company has offered you £300 compensation, which is worth £260, once your extra data charges are accounted for.

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Other (potential) customers will want to take note that Plusnet is not part of the scheme which has been signed up to by all the other big providers.

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