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Gone missing: the groom’s wedding suit

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I am getting married at the end of this month. In the middle of August, my best man and I visited the Moss Bros store on Oxford Street to hire our wedding suits. It all seemed to be fine, and we were advised that delivery would take a week or so.

A week later the delivery arrived but with only the best man’s suit – mine was not there. Since then, I have been fruitlessly battling to get it to deliver the other suit.

The only way to contact Moss Bros appears to be through an online form to which you get a response saying it will respond within five days.

On my first attempt, the response said that I had been given a resolution and the ticket was closed. I had had no contact or a resolution. My second attempt is stuck going around in a circle, with Moss Bros saying it had contacted the store asking it to contact me. But nothing ever happens.

I’m at a total loss as what to do next with the wedding date fast approaching.

JR, Westcliff-on-Sea

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Having spent rather too long trying to find a phone number or head office contact, I eventually emailed the Moss Bros chief executive, Brian Brick, who, in fairness, immediately got on the case.

Unlike us, he was able to contact the Oxford Street store, and your suit has now been delivered. To apologise for the problems, you will be getting a 50% refund of your suit’s rental charge along with a £50 gift card.

Brick says the company has been rushed off its feet since lockdown ended, as couples rescheduled previously cancelled weddings.

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It has also suffered staff shortages, and he says it is recruiting more people to address customer service problems such as those you have experienced.

From my point of view, finding someone to answer the phones would be a great start. How can you run a wedding suit hire business without a customer phone line?

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