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Boohoo … I’m crying out for a full refund for my Dorothy Perkins order

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My sister returned an online order from Dorothy Perkins and received a refund in two random payments totalling £12.42, instead of the £48.90 she was due. Customer service told her it was an issue with her bank, but Twitter and Trustpilot is full of complaints from people having the same issue – some say they are owed three-figure sums.

DM, Chorley

Boohoo, which took over the Dorothy Perkins brand in February after the collapse of its owner Arcadia Group, has had a tricky time with returns.

In April, shoppers reported that they were unable to generate the required Royal Mail returns label online. Now, as you say, dozens are claiming that they only received partial refunds – or no refund at all – after sending back purchases, and 65% of Trustpilot reviewers rate the service as bad.

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Boohoo refunded your sister in full after I contacted its press office. It says: “We are aware that a number of customers have been affected by this partial-refund issue. The problem has now been resolved and all outstanding refunds are back to within our promise of 14 days.

“We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.”

And … getting a handle on outstanding service

MA of Rugby wrote to praise a lifetime warranty that actually meant what it promised:

“Olympia Tools is a trade distributor of a brand called Roughneck. Several years ago, I purchased a Roughneck shovel from Wickes which came with a ‘lifetime warranty’. Recently, the handle broke and I thought I would try to claim through the warranty. I had no receipt from Wickes – all I could offer was some photos of the rather well used shovel. A brand new replacement was delivered within three days of my initial inquiry.

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