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Barclays continues to wreck credit rating with mortgage claims

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Three weeks ago I featured the case of CS from Norwich whose credit score had been trashed after Barclays falsely claimed he and his wife had not paid their mortgage on time for 11 months. As a result the couple had a credit card cancelled by Halifax and would have been unable to access any kind of credit as a result. At the time Barclays claimed it was a “rare occurrence” of arrears being incorrectly recorded on a customer’s mortgage.

“Appropriate steps have been taken to ensure the information held by the credit reference agencies is accurate,” it said. Despite it taking hours of their time to resolve the problem, Barclays had offered the reader £500 compensation and his wife just £300.

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Incredibly, the bank did the same thing again last week, and added a further six late payment notifications to CS’s files. If you or I had repeatedly published false and defamatory information about Barclays, the bank would have employed lawyers to seek damages. Perhaps it’s time to get a lawyer involved.

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